Oreilly's Award

Privacy Protection Service is as proud as a PEE-Cock to announce a new and truly deserving ASSHOLE AWARD winner.
Bill O'Reilly of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor
This crusty hemorrhoid masquerading as a legitimate news reporter and commentator has risen like a turd in the party pool to make his oratory stench spread across the American airwaves like a giant colonic oil slick. With his shit eating grin and flatulent breath, he spews forth misguided uninformed diatribe like a blowhole geyser full of steaming diarrhea. Using his namesake show as bully pulpit, Mr. O'Reilly attempts to assert his simpleton beliefs and personal utopian wishes without benefit of detectable brain function. His constant refrain of "If I were in charge…" bears fair warning to all with intellect to never allow this dirty diapered whiner to wield any of his dreamed of dictatorial power. Substituting his hypocrite anger and dung laden tantrums for common sense and proper fact checking professionalism, this ego inflated buttplug attempts to control debate that exposes his pitiful lack of knowledge on the issues through rudeness and microphone volume. If this manure sack of a commentator ever were to desire real truthfulness in his broadcasts, he would rename his show  "The O'Reilly Sphincter"
It is for all these stool sample like qualities he possesses and presents in abundance that PPS is proud to award Bill O'Reilly our most prestigious accolade. Thank you BUTT BOY BILL for greasing your cheeks and making the choice so damn easy.
*Check out Bill's winning performance in our MEDIA ARCHIVES

Kenneth E. Curtis

Privacy Protection Service
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